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21st Century Academy
Gary Middle College
NGIN 7-12
GEO Academies GBR


Geo Prep Academy Greater Baton Rouge
Geo Prep Mid-City Greater Baton Rouge
Geo Prep Baker A Geo Academy
Geo Next Generation High School Baton Rouge

Earn Your High School Diploma AND,

Associate Degree or Career Certificate - FREE!

THE GEO ACADEMIES MISSION is to EMPOWER students to ACCELERATE their academic pathways to ADVANCE their social mobility and ACHIEVE their career and life-long goals.
A Non-Traditional Public Charter High School 9-12 for ages 16 to 65 and beyond.  Part of the National Network of GEO Academies.

Gary Middle College offers a non-conventional public charter high school experience catering to individuals aged 16 to 65 and beyond who have faced challenges in traditional high school settings. Are you prepared to forge your unique path to success, regardless of your age? Our mission is to empower individuals like you to realize their dreams by eliminating the obstacles that may have hindered your progress. We provide a flexible schedule with three shifts, on-site childcare at no cost while you attend classes, three conveniently located campuses, dedicated support staff, and a range of other benefits. You can also pursue college credits or trade certificates in fields like welding, logistics, IT, cosmetology, and more—all at no expense.


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Earn Your High School Diploma AND College Degree or Career Certification – FREE! 

We remove the barriers that hold you back by providing support and resources to help you navigate your way to a better future. The best part . . .It’s All FREE! 

Free Tuition, Free Books, Free Childcare, Flexible Schedule, 3 Locations 

School Snapshot

Gary Middle College opened its doors in the fall of 2011 to all students 16 to 65 years of age  and beyond. Earn your high school diploma while simultaneously earning college credits towards an associate’s degree or career certification – FREE. Learn More – Earn More! 

Three Convenient Locations

Gary East: 131 E 5th Ave.

Gary West: 4030 W 5th Ave.

East Chicago: 410 E Columbus Dr.

“All Roads Lead to College”