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21st Century Academy
Gary Middle College
NGIN 7-12
GEO Academies GBR


Geo Prep Academy Greater Baton Rouge
Geo Prep Mid-City Greater Baton Rouge
Geo Prep Baker A Geo Academy
Geo Next Generation High School Baton Rouge
We remove the barriers that hold you back by providing support and resources to help you navigate your way to a better future. 
The best part. . . .  IT’S ALL FREE!

Earn a college associate degree or a trade certificate at the same time you’re working towards your diploma.  Accelerate your way to a better life.

This is not a GED.  It is a Core-40 High School Diploma


  • Free Tuition
  • Free Books
  • Free Child Care
  • Flexible Schedule
  • Free College Course Opportunities
  • Certified, Licensed Teachers 
  • Enriched Curriculum Aligned with Indiana Core-40 Academic State Standards
  • Technology-Supported Instruction
  • Foreign Language Opportunities
  • Additional Tutoring Options